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Non-UK therapists £550. UK therapists £650. Early bird discount applies if you book before 1st April = £500 If you wish to pay in instalments please email Anya Stang for how to register.
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It is the role of therapists to provide support to their clients in the multitude of personal problems and difficulties that they may experience, and one of the most important issues presented in therapy sessions is that of sexuality and relationships. But unfortunately, in many parts of the world, gender variance and gender non-conforming behaviour, same sex relationships and gay identities are problematised or rejected, even by trained counsellors and therapists, because they lack the training and knowledge required to handle such issues sensitively and appropriately. 

We believe it to be of the utmost importance that all therapists receive thorough training in all aspects of sexuality and sexual practice in order to work effectively with individuals of any sexual orientation or gender identity. These include those that go beyond simply identifying as gay as, increasingly in modern society, individuals do not identify with the gender they are assigned at birth, or feel that they belong to neither binary (non-binary), and look to therapists for support.

Many therapists in the UK and around the world have been trained using the traditional heteronormative models of sexuality and gender, and therefore lack the proper understanding required to work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and questioning/genderqueer (LGBTIQ) clients. Furthermore, there are many LGBTIQ identified therapists who must rely on being self-taught through textbooks and online information, which can often prove limited or biased.

Pink Therapy has been offering an international summer school for a number of years now, in order to provide vital training and expertise to therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists or any other professionals who provide emotional support to individuals and wish to expand their knowledge and increase their confidence in the area of gender and sexual diversity (GSD). As the UK's leading independent specialist therapy organisation working in this field, this is a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills, meet other qualified therapists working with LGBTIQ clients, share experiences and enjoy a fun-filled week learning about sexuality and gender in all its forms. 

There will be an extensive guided pre-course and post-course reading list which is optional but encouraged, which you will be able to access upon booking a place. 

If you are interested in undertaking this course, please download the application form from this link.

To register, please click here and send your completed application form to Anya Stang.



9.30am: Introduction and check in 

with Pam Gawler-Wright and Olivier Cormier-Otaño

Afternoon: Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy 

with Dominic Davies - Founder and CEO

5pm Optional Social Programme - visit to Soho to see some of the LGBT business and social centres


10am: Identifying with Gender and Sexual Diversities 

with Pam Gawler-Wright and Olivier Cormier-Otaño

Afternoon: Coming Out - Issues and Perspectives 

with Olivier Cormier-Otaño - Clinical Associate
5pm Optional Social Programme - Visit to London Friend and Antidote - Kings Cross


10am: Understanding Intersectionality and external oppression 

with Pam Gawler-Wright and Olivier Cormier-Otaño

Afternoon: Working with Shame and internalised oppression 

with Tim Foskett - Clinical Associate
5pm Optional Social Programme - visit to Gay's The Word bookshop - Russell Square


10am: Sex and Sexuality 

with Pam Gawler-Wright and Olivier Cormier-Otaño

Afternoon: Working with Gender identity 

with Dr Vic Holt - Clinical Associate 

5pm Optional Social Programme - visit to Expectations men's fetish store and Sh! Women's Sex Emporium - Old Street


10am: Resolving conflicting identities 

with Pam Gawler-Wright - Clinical Associate

Afternoon: Where to now? Final thoughts, closure and evaluation 

with Dominic Davies and Olivier Cormier-Otaño

8pm End of Course Meal in Soho



This course is non-residential but we can try and recommend low-cost accommodation for participants.


The course is aimed primarily at therapists working overseas but we are also open to UK therapists attending. Applicants must be fluent in English (as a lot of pre- and post-course reading and all the teaching will be in English). The course is based in North London (Holloway/Finsbury Park).


If required we can supply a confirmation letter to assist your application for a visa. This doesn't guarantee you will be able to get a visa and seems very dependent on the whim of the UK Border Agency if you are in a non-EU country.  If you book and are declined for visa, we will refund your fee in full, so long as you apply early. Contact us if you are concerned about Visa issues.



Quotes from previous students:


This is the first training course I've attended in a long time where I really learnt something new. An extremely well organised course with a great deal of supporting material. The experiential learning was particularly helpful.


An excellent, well prepared and presented course concerning essential aspects of this important subject. Informative, engaging, thought provoking and professional.


Very useful. High standard and have provoked much further thought and possibilities to explore. I feel I have learnt a huge amount

If you are interested in undertaking this course, please download the application form from this link and book your place via this link


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