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Post Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy
One year programmes
Pink Therapy
£3000 plus whichever Core Module are still to be taken (see description). There is an early bird discount of 5% for anyone paying before 1 July 2015
Post Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy awarded by Pink Therapy and accredited by Middlesex University


The primary objective of this learning programme is to foster and develop non- pathologising therapeutic attitudes to sexual diversity clients in professional therapists and counsellors. We will be taking a cross-cultural, multi-cultural and anti-oppressive stance to this subject incorporating 'ism' and disadvantage as much as possible and where information exists in the teaching and learning on this course.

We aim to do this through information, experiential learning and supervised practice:


• We are aiming to prepare therapists for the diversity of gender and sexual diversity therapy issues that are likely to present, whilst also allowing them to select a topic which are of particular interest to their practice needs, and encouraging exploration of issues with which they are unfamiliar.

• To support the integration of a non-pathologising attitude into trainees’ own theoretical framework.


• To improve clinical excellence and confidence as a therapist working with gender and sexual diversity clients.
• To support the integration of non-pathologising attitudes and behaviours into trainees’ own practice.

Specific Outcomes. Trainees will:

• Develop their ability to deconstruct heterosexist and homophobic structures, values and processes;
• Understand and ‘work through’ the impact of these on themselves;
• Understand the potential impact of these on others e.g. clients;

• Recognise why, how and when their own sexuality is important and when it isn’t;
• Distinguish why, how and when their client’s sexuality is important and when not;

• Develop knowledge of the cultural climate as it exists for members of sexual diversities now, and throughout their earlier life;
• Demonstrate respect for the strategies adopted by members of sexual diversities for surviving in hostile environments;

• Develop appropriate and coherent therapeutic responses to the presentations of self formed through experience of being a member of a sexual diversity.
• Be able to articulate their personal and professional development as a therapist working with gender and sexual diversity clients 

This course consists of:

A/ Eleven monthly supervision/lecture dates falling on weekends or Friday afternoon/evening and two seminar days.

  1. Saturday 26 September 2015 (1pm to 7pm)
  2. Sunday 27 September 2015 (10am to 5pm)
  3. Saturday 31 October 2015 (1pm to 7pm)
  4. Saturday 4 December 2015 (1pm to 7pm)
  5. Saturday 9 January 2016 (1pm to 7pm)
  6. Saturday 27 February 2016 (1pm to 7pm)
  7. Saturday 12 March 2016 (1pm to 7pm)
  8. Sunday 13 March 2016 (10am to 5pm)
  9. Saturday 9 April 2016 (1pm to 7pm)
  10. Saturday 7 May 2016 (1pm to 7pm)
  11. Friday 10 June 2016 (1pm to 7pm)
  12. Saturday 11 June 2016 (10am to 5pm)
  13. Sunday 12 June 2016 (10am to 1pm)


B/ participation to the following core training, the dates for these are in the TRAINING section of the website:

  1. Essentials in Sexual Diversity Therapy (three weekends)
  2. Introduction to Psychosexual Therapy with Gender and Sexual Diversity Clients (COSRT endorsed weekend)
  3. The Development of the Self and the function of the therapeutic alliance (one day)
  4. A training day of your choice amongst our extensive program  

Since Diploma students get a discount on Core Modules, these should be booked with the Admin team rather than online. 

Should you have undertaken any components of this core training in the last 3 years you will not be required to attend them again. 


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North London Group Therapy, Bay Room/9 Manor Gardens N7 6LA 26 Sep 2015 - 12 Jun 2016

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