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Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity Therapy
One year programme
Pink Therapy
£500 is the DEPOSIT. The FULL course fees are [UNDER REVIEW] £2,800 total, including tuition as well as accommodation and meals at the five-day residential (additional nights can be arranged at a low cost if participants wish to arrive early or indeed stay on beyond the course). Instalment plans are available to spread the cost. Pink Therapy has always had a commitment to capacity-building in disadvantaged groups who may be underrepresented in the counselling field. We will, therefore, be offering two of the 15 available places in the course at a 30% discount. There will be a bursary for a Trans- or Gender-Variant-identified therapist and another bursary for a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)-identified therapist.
Pink Therapy Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity Therapy.


Pink Therapy is the UK’s leading independent therapy organisation to specialise in working with Gender and Sexual Diversities. Over the seventeen years our training programme has been running, we have trained hundreds of therapists and improved their cultural competency and knowledge of a wide range of Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) issues.

We’re delighted to invite applications for the new Pink Therapy 1 Year Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity Therapy starting in July 2019! 

In response to requests from many therapists, we’ve decided to offer you the opportunity to access this comprehensive one-year certificate level blended learning program so that you can develop a solid professional foundation in working with GSRD clients.

If you’re keen to position yourself as a GSRD specialist, there will be an option to progress to the second year of study that will extend your knowledge and skills to Diploma level.

The one-year Foundation Certificate has been designed as an entry-level training solution delivered by a range of leaders and international experts in the field of Gender, Sexual; and Relationship Diversity. You’ll benefit from a variety of interactive and online learning activities to suit all styles. And what’s more, if you complete a successful interview and pay your deposit by 1st DEC 2018, you’ll qualify for a generous Early Bird Discount!



This course has been granted Advanced Specialised Training Status by the National Counselling Society.
Please note the course itself does not provide a route to NCS registration. Detailed individual applications are required where applicable.

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An earlier version of this course was Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) 



The course will comprise three elements:

Residential Intensive – The course will begin with a five-day residential intensive on 22-26 July 2018 (check-in 21 July and check-out 27 July) - dates to be confirmed - hosted in the beautiful grounds of the University of Roehampton in South West London. This intensive week will offer the opportunity for participants to meet each other in person and work at some depth on themselves and developing their clinical skills and knowledge. It will also include our gold-standard Introduction to Clinical Sexology with Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities. Another feature of this intensive will be the opportunity to screen and discuss some interesting films.

- We recognise that there may be difficulties to obtain an entry visa for people from certain countries. If this affects you, please get in touch. -


Case Discussion Groups (CDG) – every four weeks, participants will meet in groups of three via video chat where one participant will present a client with whom they are working and receive peer supervision and consultation. They will then write this process up and submit it to the tutor. These 90-minute sessions run once every month, and at the end of the cycle, the group will meet with one of CDG tutors for a further discussion and debrief. Each student will present six clients during the course. The Case Discussion groups will be rotated to enable participants to work with a wider range of fellow students and tutors.

Theory Modules – there will be eight theory modules studied. Through a combination of guided reading of key texts and video lectures, students will learn about a range of key subjects. They will answer a series of questions to demonstrate their understanding and critical reflection of the material and how this applies to their own practice as therapists. Two weeks after submitting their worksheets, participants will attend a live, online 90-minute webinar with a subject specialist (either the module writer or another course tutor who has expertise in this area).

Entry Requirements & Awards – As this is a post-graduate training, it is open to participants who have already satisfactorily completed a basic training to the equivalent of a Diploma in Counselling or Psychotherapy, Counselling Psychology or Clinical Psychology or Psychiatry. We will consider applications from qualified allied health professionals involved in providing counselling support and advisory work (e.g., nurses, health advisors, social workers, occupational therapists, youth and community workers etc*). This is not a training in Therapeutic Counselling or Psychotherapy.

Candidates will also need to possess good levels of understanding in written and spoken English, as the course will be offered in English. They will also need to have a computer and reliable internet connection.

There is a 100% attendance requirement for the Case Discussion groups and the webinars. In the event a student misses the live webinar due to exceptional circumstances, they can watch the video of the webinar and submit feedback to demonstrate their participation.

As this is a specialist clinical training in working with GSRD clients, Candidates need to be working with clients who meet our definition of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities (GSRD). 

The definition is wide and we don’t expect that you are necessarily seeing clients from all of these communities/identities.

Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities

There is a whole spectrum of different gender, sexuality and relationship expressions and we welcome those who are working with people engaged in consensual, albeit transgressive sexualities who are seeking a place to understand and be understood.

These include, but are not restricted to, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, celibate, polyamorous, non-monogamous; swingers and those involved in BDSM or Kink lifestyles or practices; or anyone on the trans and gender-variant spectrum (e.g. trans women, trans men, non-binary gender people, cross dressers/transvestites, genderqueer, androgynes, intersex people, and those living with variations in sex development) and people whose relationships may sit outside the traditional monogamy-for-life model.

Successful candidates who pass all the elements of the course will graduate with a Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity Therapy.
*The Award for a qualified allied health professional would be a Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity Studies.

To keep the course fees affordable and allow us to be as responsive and flexible as possible with the curriculum, we have decided for the time being to forgo University validation. However, we are pleased to report the course has been recognised for Advanced Specialised Training status with the National Counselling Society and an earlier version was Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists.


Application Procedure – We ask that you complete an application form outlining your training and experience to date, and then attend an interview via Zoom (Zoom website here).

To apply, please Apply Online here or send an email to Anya Stang if you have any questions. 

Course Fees [UNDER REVIEW] – £2,800 total incl tuition, accommodation and meals at the Summer Residential (additional nights can be arranged at low cost if participants wish to arrive early or stay beyond the dates of the course). £500 deposit is due on acceptance of the offer of a place.

Pink Therapy has always had a commitment to capacity-building in disadvantaged groups who may be underrepresented in the counselling field. We will therefore  be offering two of the 15 available places on the course at a 30% discount. There will be a bursary for a Trans- or Gender-Variant-identified therapist and another bursary for a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) therapist.

Course Commitment – we want you to be aware before applying that this course will occupy a significant amount of your time. We anticipate that you will be spending about 5-10 hours per week in studying for this course.




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