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Understanding Polyamory and non-monogamies
Alternative Sexualities
Pink Therapy
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A loose structure for the day might be that:

We will begin by introducing ourselves to get an idea of the levels of experience and knowledge about non-monogamy in the group and what counselling backgrounds we are approaching from.
I will give an account of various shapes of non-monogamous relationships with examples of the commitments and freedoms commonly agreed and some of the practicalities of such living and loving arrangements. We will also talk about implicit assumptions and relationships that might be considered known about but left unsaid. I will give an overview of some of the writing and community structures built around non-monogamous living.
We will encounter some of the language commonly used to describe non-monogamous relationships. We will also examine the context of additional sexuality groupings (for example gay men or kink) since the style and recent traditions of non-monogamy can vary significantly between groups.
We will discuss types of intimate and important relationships such as co-parent, sex-partner, friend or chosen family and how these fit with the boundaries of non-monogamous “relationships.”
We will move on to therapy concerns: discussing how our work with individuals, couples and groups including family systems might be modified or extended for non-monogamy. We can also touch on what ideas we might take back to work with single or monogamous clients.
I will supply some example issues for focus such as: transitions from monogamy including after infidelity, negotiation of expectations and ground rules for holiday romance, changes when children are brought into a polyamorous family and dealing with feelings of jealousy.
We can also examine how client problems can be amplified or helped in non-monogamous networks and also issues non-monogamous clients might need to negotiate in their workplaces, communities, families and wider society. We will also have chance to examine some of the criticisms and challenges to non-monogamy such as issues of privilege and oppression.

Training time is from 10am to 5pm. 

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North London Group Therapy, Bay Room/9 Manor Gardens N7 6LA 28 Sep 2014 - 28 Sep 2014

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