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An online directory of Therapists of all sexualities and gender identities who work with gender and sexual diversity clients from an non-judgmental standpoint.

It was only couple of decades ago that homosexuality was considered by the Word Health Organization to be a mental illness. This pathologising of sexual variation has affected the way many therapists view sexual difference. We are judged through a heterosexual lens of what is ‘normal’.  Indeed, still today people who wish to change their gender, or others who enjoy consensual BDSM sexual relationships can find themselves diagnosed as mentally disordered.

Increasingly therapists of all genders and sexualities who don’t adopt a pathologising stance are ‘coming out of the closet’ and saying that sexual or gender difference is just that, a difference. They believe that what is ‘sick’ is society’s attitude. However, living with stigma and oppression can create additional pressures on us, and people who have diversity gender and sexual identities may benefit from emotional and psychological support to help them deal with the prejudice they experience from someone who has some understanding of the social context in which they are living their lives.

If you can’t find someone near to where you live or work, then you could check the online directory for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, or you can search the register of the British Psychological Society for a clinical or counselling psychologist. We would encourage you to look specifically for people who say they work with gender and sexual diversity clients in an affirmative manner, and to check this out when you call.

We have compiled a list of useful questions you can ask when considering a therapist.

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The entrants in this directory have completed at the minimum a diploma in counselling, and you will find copies of their relevant qualifications on their profiles. They will also be members of a professional association which has a code of ethics and a complaints procedure, and they have been willing to declare their own sexuality and state what specific training they have had to work in a sexuality affirmative way.

The information on the database is as created by the therapist.  Pink Therapy is not responsible for the quality of service or truthfulness of the information contained here. We have asked for evidence of their qualifications, but you are expected to check out the rest as necessary.

This Directory will soon be expanded to include a wide range of complementary therapists and to stretch beyond the UK's borders so that this can become the first place you might look if you want to find a non-judgmental therapist to work with you on any physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issue.


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