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Our Next Annual Conference will be on Therapeutic Issues Working with Gay Men, on Saturday, 27 March 2017.


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Around the world, individual and social attitudes and therapeutic approaches to sexual and gender minorities are continually evolving.  In most of the world they are becoming more accepting and affirmative rather than pathologising. However it still seems to be the norm in many of the professional training courses and qualifications that therapists and counsellors undertake, rarely provide even a very basic education in human sexuality and diversity. 


Often, even these are only based on the most traditional (heteronormative) sex therapy models. There is a lot more to human sexuality and being a therapist than just being “gay-friendly” and, for now, it seems to fall on individual therapists and trainees themselves to ensure they have a proper clinical understanding and training around the diverse sexualities and genders that clients may present with.


Pink Therapy is the UK's leading provider of continual professional development, training, clinical supervision and consultation for therapists or trainees who work with, or would like to work with, gender and sexual diversity clients. We are fully committed to offering this support to other therapists (and therapy training organisations) who are working to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of services available to the public. As such, we are the only organisation who can ensure that, as a mental health professional, you are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to offer these clients the support and acceptance they are looking for.


We have a number of different courses ranging from one day courses to one year training programmes which are certified, accredited and some are even COSRT approved. We also offer an incredibly valuable and essential five day international summer school for therapists who work with sexual and gender diverse clients, outside of the UK. 


Pink Therapy also frequently offers bursaries to volunteer counsellors working within LGBT counselling organisations and others who struggle with the cost of getting themselves qualified or trained to the level they would like. 


If you would like to be able to offer potential clients a safe, knowledgeable and non-judgemental environment where they can talk to somebody about their issues or just explore themselves further, regardless of their sexual or gender orientation, scroll down the list below or select a category from the column on the right.

Pink Therapy is an Accredited Training Organisation with the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP).

NB: Many of our trainings come with a (sometimes extensive) pre-course reading list. Please allow reading time when booking a course, and please do not make same-day bookings. Many thanks!

Please contact Anya Stang if you have any questions.

Training Courses: Terms and Conditions


Pink Therapy reserves the right to amend, change or cancel workshops or trainers at its own discretion due to circumstances beyond our control. 

We normally take a decision as to whether we have sufficient numbers to run an event, six weeks prior to the event. If you are having to travel to London, we suggest you bear this in mind when making your travel and accommodation arrangements as we cannot be held liable for any costs incurred if we have to cancel an event.
Course fees will of course be refunded. 

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Working with Gender Dysphoric Children, Adolescents and their Parents
This day will help participants develop a greater understanding of how to work with gender dysphoric individuals, including children, adolescents and families where a parent has transitioned. It will provide a framework of how to work with other agencies including education and child and adolescent mental health services and will help participants understand the developmental trajectories and associated difficulties that can be present in young people with gender dysphoria. This day will outline therapeutic and physical support that is available in this area including latest advances in treatment and research. 2016: Training time is from 12:30pm to 6:30pm, registration from 12pm.
Category : One Day Training
Provider : Pink Therapy Courses
Course Events : 17/06/16 - 1 day(s) 17/06/17 - 1 day(s)
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International Summer School
Aimed primarily at psychologists, psychotherapists and sexologists, and those in training. We also welcome people who offer emotional support to LGBT individuals and communities through NGO's who are working abroad; this five day intensive training programme offers an opportunity to: - learn more about a range of gender and sexual diverse identities - become more aware of how our own prejudices, beliefs and assumptions can affect the therapeutic encounter - explore the power dynamics and complexity of intersecting identities in the LGBT communities - share and explore the experiences of gender and sexual diversities in your own country - learn more about specific issues: internalised oppression, shame, hypervigilance and coming out
Category : Stand alone course
Provider : Pink Therapy
Course Events : 27/06/16 - 5 day(s)
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Advanced Clinical Discussions: Kink
We are hosting a number of peer supervision meetings to provide a space for experienced therapists who work in a Kink Aware way to explore issues of current concern in a non-pathologising context. These are a safe space where experienced therapists who personally identify as engaging in BDSM and who are working with BDSM clinically in a non-pathologising manner can meet to discuss their own ‘growing edge’ and areas of concern. Cost per session is £40.
Category : Advanced Clinical Discussion
Provider : Pink Therapy
Course Events : 23/07/16 - 1 day(s) 14/10/16 - 1 day(s)
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Diploma in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy
Blended learning experience delivered primarily online with a one-week residential in London on therapeutic work with people of diverse genders, sexualities, identities, lifestyles and practices - this course will run over two years and will involve participants in a mixture of guided personal study, peer and tutor clinical supervision, and experiential learning. This course is NCP-accredited. Through a combination of guided reading of key texts and video lectures, students will learn about a range of key subjects. They will answer a series of questions to demonstrate their understanding and critical reflection of the material and how this applies to their own practice as therapists. We will also be holding a five-day residential in London between the two years to offer deeper experiential and skill-based learning. We recognise that there may be difficulties to obtain an entry visa for people from certain countries. If this affects you, please get in touch.
Category : Two-year programme
Provider : Pink Therapy
Course Events : 01/10/16 - 28 day(s)
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Essentials in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy Jan-Mar 2017
A three-weekend Certificated Course on working with gender and sexual diversities. This course provides 30 hours specialist CPD. Training times are Fridays from 1.00-7.00pm and Saturdays from 10.00am-5.00pm. Registration and refreshments start 30 minutes before.
Category : Essentials of Sexual Diversity Therapy
Provider : Pink Therapy
Course Events : 13/01/17 - 2 day(s) 17/02/17 - 2 day(s) 17/03/17 - 2 day(s)
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Working With Young LGBTIQ People
This workshop offers the chance for counsellors, therapists, youth workers, psychologists or anyone else working with young people, to build and develop a thorough understanding of gender and sexual diversity, along with the multitude of personal, emotional and societal issues and challenges faced by young LGBTIQ people whilst growing up. Training time is 1-7pm.
Category : Stand alone course
Provider : Pink Therapy
Course Events : 22/04/17 - 1 day(s)
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Working with Gender Identity
Are you familiar with diverse gender identities? Are you confident in knowing how to help trans clients? Do you want to improve your confidence and knowledge?
Category : One Day Training
Provider : Pink Therapy Courses
Course Events : 18/06/16 - 1 day(s) 18/06/16 - 1 day(s) 16/06/17 - 1 day(s)
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