We Are Family: Testimonies of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Turan Ali. Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. 1996.

An engrossing look at the reality of being lesbian or gay and a parent, the ways and means of achieving parenthood, and the benefits and challenges of pink parenting in 90s Britain. Based on original interviews with a broad cross-section of lesbian and gay parents, and their children, this account is proof positive that queer parents are making no "pretence" at creating successful new patterns of family relationships. Among the issues examined are: the taboos and myths that traditionally surround same-sex parenthood; artificial insemination; surrogate mothers; adoption and fostering; custody battles; what to tell the children; what to tell your neighbours; what kids think of their queer parents.


Homophobic bullying in Britain's schools


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Anti-Bullying Alliance

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The experiences of young gay people in Britain’s schools


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This guidebook shows LGBTQ students the various on-campus and online resources they can use to make their college experience more welcoming and supportive. Some key features of the guide include:
 - Programs and policies to look for when searching for a LGBTQ-friendly school
 - Information about various LGBTQ student organizations that have a presence at most colleges and universities
 - A  list of online resources for LGBTQ students
Web Resources


Resources for Schools and Teachers

The following links are designed to train teachers, school administrators, and others how to handle bullying and be generally more inclusive within the classroom and curriculum.

LGBT Education Training Resources

LGBT Education Materials and Media

School's Out!

The Classroom


Gendered Intelligence Schools & Youth Training

NUT LGBT Equality in Education Study 

Creating Safe Spaces for Lesbian and Gay Youth (US)

CDC Educator Resources (US)

GLHV Resources for Teachers (AUS)

Southern Poverty Law Center Tips for Teachers (US)

Safe Networking LGBT Resources

Educational Action Challenging Homophobia 

Resources for GSD Students

The following links are designed to address GSD student concerns.

The School's Out Student Toolkit

The Gay Youth Corner

Queer Youth Network

NUS LGBT Campaign

List of LGBT University Societies

For US based students

Resources for Learning About GSD Issues

The following links are for students looking to learn or research GSD issues.

LGBT Health Education Webinars

LGBT Health Education Learning Modules

Stanford University LGBT & Education

Understanding LGBT Issues (US)

LGBT History and Issues (US; includes lesson plans)

LGBT Issues in Sport

Advocates for Youth Resources on GLBTQ Issues

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Research (US)



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