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Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex

Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex



Dreger, Alice Domurat. 1998


Cambridge: Harvard University Press.


 Alice Dreger, Assistant Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Michigan State University and adjunct faculty at the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences, brings us this study of how and why medical and scientific men have construed sex, gender, and sexuality as they have.

A 36 page long epilogue contains narratives of intersexuals treated according to the still-standard medical protocols developed in the 1950s and calls for change: "Surely, will be familiarity rather than knowledge that finally takes away [intersexuals'] supposed 'strangeness.'" Harvard University Press, 1998.


As Nature Made HimAs Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as A Girl 

By: John Colapinto

Pubs:Deckle Edge (2000)

In 1967, after a baby boy suffered a botched circumcision, his family agreed to a radical treatment. On the advice of a renowned expert in gender identity and sexual reassignment at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the boy was surgically altered to live as a girl. This landmark case, initially reported to be a complete success, seemed all the more remarkable since the child had been born an identical twin: his uninjured brother, raised as a boy, provided to the experiment the perfect matched control 

Chrysalis Special Issue on Intersexuality (1997)

This special issue of Chrysalis: Journal of Transgressive Gender Identities is guest-edited by intersex activists and is completely devoted to addressing intersex issue

  • From the Editors

    Chrysalis: Intersex Awakening Special Issue

  • (Not) Another Clit Story
  • Caught Between: An Essay on Intersexuality
  • Doctors Containing Hermaphrodites: The Victorian Legacy
  • Finding the Words
  • Growing up in the Surgical Maelstrom
  • Hermaphrodites with Attitude Take to the Streets
  • In Amerika They Call Us Hermaphrodites
  • In Process
  • Interview with Dr. Arika Aiert
  • Is Growing up in Silence Better Than Growing up Different?
  • Letter to My Physicians
  • Meanings of Gender Variability Constructs of Sex and Gender
  • My Beautiful Clitoris
  • News Release: American Academy of Pediatrics Position on Intersexuality
  • Ode to a Life (Poem)
  • Porno Docs
  • Power, Orgasm, And the Psychohormonal Research Unit
  • Showering "Sans Penis"
  • Silence = Death
  • Take Charge! A Guide to Home Catheterization
  • The Murk Manual: How to Understand Medical Writing on Intersex
  • Time for a Change
  • What dream? (Poem)


Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Childhood
cover of Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Childhood

Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Childhood is a handbook for health care professionals who provide care to pediatric patients with Disorders of Sex Development. It is also a valuable resource for health professional students, educators, parents of children with DSDs, and adults with DSDs.


Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology: A Multidisciplinary Approach

2014 Providing a wide-ranging overview of developmental anomalies, disorders and intersex conditions, this textbook presents the best possible advice and practical recommendations concerning medical intervention. With its multidisciplinary approach to health care, the book will be recommended reading for specialists in paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, reproductive endocrinologists, paediatric and plastic surgeons, and clinical geneticists




Fool for Love

By Lisa Lees                  
Fool for Love

Carys has never willingly worn a dress and Jami, who has, is intersexed. Teenage love is never easy, but for Carys and Jami love is an often terrifying journey in self-discovery and trust.

The novel contains several very emotional scenes, but no graphic sexual content. There is a little strong language at times when people are really upset, but nothing out of line with other books in the young adult coming of age / coming out category.



      Handbook for Parents

     Consortium on the Management of Disorders of Sex Differentiation (2006)

     Intersex Society of North America, Rohnert Park

cover of Handbook for Parents

Written in plain language, the book offers background information on child development, how to talk with the child and others about his or her DSD, and reproducible information pages to give family and others important in the child’s world.

Common questions are answered, and the handbook provides guidance for preparing parents and the child for doctor’s appointments and the value of keeping a journal.

Espeically insightful are the generously shared thoughts and experiences of other parents and of adults with DSDs.


Intersex and Identity: The Contested Self

 Sociologist Sharon Preves explores how people with intersex conditions experience and cope with being labeled sexual deviants in a society that demands sexual conformity. By demonstrating how intersexed people manage and create their own identities, often in conflict with their medical diagnosis, Preves shows that medical intervention into intersexuality often creates, rather than mitigates, the stigma these people suffer.

Redefining Sex

Ethics and Intersex

Sharon E. Sytsma

Springer Science & Business Media (2006)


This collection of 21 articles is designed to serve as a state-of-the art reference book for intersexuals, their parents, health care professionals, ethics committee members, and anyone interested in problems associated with intersexuality. It fills an important need because of its uniqueness as an interdisciplinary effort, bringing together not just urologists and endocrinologists, but gynecologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, theologians, gender theorists, medical historians, and philosophers. Most contributors are well-known experts on intersexuality in their respective fields. The book is also unique in that it is also an international effort, including authors from England, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, India, Canada and the United States. 

tTeaching Intersex IssuesCreated by Emi Koyama for Intersex Initiative

 Designed for instructors of Women's Studies and related fields. Second edition (Oct. 2003)

 Includes syllabus from Intersex Studies course taught at Portland State University.


 Intro to Intersex Activism

Compiled by Emi Koyama for the Speaker's Bureau of Intersex Initiative.

Includes sections on intersex basics, speaking basics, and speaking about intersex specifically.




Collection of Emi Koyama's commentaries on social and ethical issues surrounding intersexuality.

Includes "A Letter to Intersex Society of North America" and other critiques written from critical disability theory perspectives.




IntersexCritiques II: Medicine, Media and Intersex Movement


 IntersexCritiques II


Second collection of Emi Koyama's commentaries on social and ethical issues surrounding intersexuality.

This volume examines media reports on "brain sex" discoveries, cultural considerations on intersex treatment, and other interesting and bizarre things that are said about intersex.

IntersexCritiques Volume III: From Controversy to Consensus

Third collection of Emi Koyama's commentaries on social and ethical issues surrounding intersexuality.

Includes the article "From Controversy to Consensus," "Is Gender Identity Disorder an Intersex Condition?" and other essays.


IntersexCritiques 3


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