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Introduction to Clinical Sexology with Gender, Sexualities and Relationship Diversities
Diverse Sexualities and Lifestyles
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£300 non-residential bookable online here. £650 residential (incl accommodation), please contact to book.
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Unless one does a specialist sex therapy training, one is probably ill-prepared for understanding much about sexuality issues. Even if one did do a psychosexual training, probably very little was mentioned about diversity in sexualities.

  • Are you confident and comfortable in discussing sexual issues with your clients?
  • How informed are you about the various gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD) practices?
  • Are you familiar with some of the more contemporary psychosexual diagnoses and treatment approaches for GSRD clients?
  • Would you like to build your knowledge, confidence and tools for working with diverse sexual practices and lifestyles?

Join us for a very special two-day training workshop!


This event is the ideal opportunity for therapists living and working overseas who wish to network with other therapists working with gender, sexuality and relationship diversity clients. GSRD is a fairly modern phrase which goes beyond the more traditional term LGBTIQ to encompass others with diverse sexual practices and lifestyles including BDSM/Kink and consensual non-monogamous relationships.

You will be taught alongside our Post-Grad Diploma (online) students, who are here for their week-long Summer Residential.


The course will take place at Parkstead House, a grade 1 listed building situated in Roehampton, overlooking Richmond Park in South West London. This beautiful neoclassical Palladian villa was originally built for William, 2nd Earl of Bessborough by William Chambers in the early 1760s as a country retreat and somewhere to display a large collection of sculptures. An infamous resident of Parkstead House was Harriet Ponsonby, wife of the 3rd Earl – a Whig hostess gambler and notorious lover whose daughter was Lady Caroline Lamb (best known for her affair with Lord Byron).

So it seems appropriate that Pink Therapy, one of the leading independent training organisations, is offering a course here on working with diverse sexualities and lifestyles. This will provide the information that most other sex therapy training course omit, and will help therapists with no previous training in clinical sexology to gain the necessary information in diverse sexual practices and lifestyles to improve their confidence and their clinical approach.

The two-day workshop provides an introduction to some of the key issues arising from working therapeutically with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, genderqueer questioning clients seeking advice and guidance about psychosexual concerns, as well as any clients involved in BDSM/Kink practices.


The workshop covers current models of sexual response, a classification of sexual difficulties and a brief review of the recommended literature, and will then go on to explore the implicit and explicit assumptions present in these heteronormative models. For example, we continue to be surprised that sexual therapists are still rarely taught how to treat men and women presenting with anodyspareunia and who often have extremely limited knowledge of diverse sexual practices.


The course will then move on to interactive exercises aimed at helping participants develop practical skills in therapeutic assessments and interventions with both individual clients and couples.

By the end of the two days, clients should have a much greater sense of understanding and the confidence to incorporate discussions of sex and sexual functioning into their general clinical work. We will also teach participants to recognise when more complex cases should be referred to other professionals. Whilst not training people to become sex therapists in two days, we aim to increase your knowledge significantly, and provide you with the necessary tools to approach a wide range of sexual issues presented to therapists in the 21st Century. 


This is the course content our sex therapy and psychotherapy tutors never told us about!



Registration 9:00 am 

9:30 am - 5 pm

Indicative Content:


  • Speaking Explicitly about Sex
  • Male and Female Sexual Anatomy (including the rectum and gender-realignment surgical options).
  • Neurochemistry of Sex
  • Critiquing the heteronormative DSM classifications and why these may not be sufficient for working with GSRD clients
  • Understanding the impact of the social context on GSRD
  • Videos of diverse sexual practices and self-reflexivity on various sexual practices
  • Sexual and Cultural Genograms


9:30 am - 5 pm

Indicative Content:

  • Undertaking culturally sensitive Psychosexual Assessment
  • Working with individuals and couples
  • Hypothesising and planning interventions
  • Making interventions and developing graded responses to sexual difficulties
  • Introducing David Schnarch’s Sexual Crucible approach
  • Applying theory to practice and developing confidence and skills
  • Integrating the course into your practice

There is extensive pre-course study of written materials and videos and follow-up reading to augment this intensive training workshop. We will also be recommending previewing the Atlas of Erotic Anatomy and Arousal prior to the workshop.

An added feature of this special training event is that you will be taught alongside our Post-Graduate Diploma in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy students who are undergoing a five-day residential intensive with us.  


On both the Wednesday and Thursday evenings we hope to screen contemporary queer films and have a facilitated discussion.


The campus is less than an hour away from Central London and has especially convenient transport links to London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports.


Quotes from previous participants:
"The course left me feeling saturated yet hungry for more."
"As an 'introduction' to psychosexual therapy, I felt it worked well in introducing and opening up different ways of working with clients who may introduce issues of difficulty. 'It did what it says on the tin!'!"
"The organisation was very good."
"I liked the blend of presentations, role play and exercises giving us an opportunity to put into practice our learning in a controlled environment."
"I appreciated the trainer's accessibility and sharing of clinical and life experiences."
"The presentation style was informative, relaxed, sensitive and with appropriate humour."
"I found the pictures and films on female anatomy and genitalia helpful. As a heterosexual woman I've never seen so many vulvas! The video on explicit sexual practices was also helpful."
"The course left me feeling more confident with psychosexual therapy, incorporating it more where it is not always obvious and more confident in working with lesbian clients. Thank you very much."


Course Fee 2017: £300; to book, please login to your profile and tick the box below. Residential fee £650, please contact our Administrator Anya <>.

Training time is from 9:30am to 5pm on Thursday and Friday. Registration 9:00am on Thursday.

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